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The Power Bracelet

Learn about the science behind the jewelry we make and sell. Below lists the materials that makes our products so effective.

We believe in our customers being informed and knowledgeable about what they are buying, before they buy it.

The Importance of "Grounding"

Grounding — connecting with the earth through physical touch — has been found to induce chemical and electrical changes within your body that bring about a boost in mood.


Your body is capable of creating its own electricity. Case in point: Your central nervous system generates electrical impulses that instruct your body to breathe or swallow.

Naturally, your body carries a neutral charge, but the blue light from cellphones and computers as well as an abundance of EMF pollution can alter that neutrality, and positive ions in the form of free radicals begin to invade and accumulate your tissues. 

Extensive research associates free radicals with premature aging, inflammation, dementia, arthritis, hair loss, cancer and even actual damage to your DNA, so it’s in your best interest to evict them from your life as soon as possible.


In order to eliminate a positive charge, you have to introduce a negative one.


Therefore, it stands to reason that making direct contact with the negatively charged earth can return your positively charged body to a neutral state. “Nature provides electric ‘nutrition’ from the ground below to maintain natural order and healing within the bioelectrical circuitry of your body,”


Studies have concluded that this influx of earthy electrons helps calm the nervous system, shifting it from the sympathetic fight-or-flight branch toward the parasympathetic rest-and-digest branch, thereby reducing inflammation and bringing peace to the body and mind. 

Read below to find out more about the components inside of the bracelets that make them so effective. 

Visit our blog page to read more about the importance of grounding!

Germanium Natural Stone

  • Improves PH Balance and Blood Purification

  • Has antioxidant properties

  • Normalizes Blood Pressure

  • Relieves joint and muscle pain

  • Protects from harmful radiation

  • Regulates Positive and Negative Ions within the body

  • Promotes antimicrobial activity

  • Aids in alleviates physical stress and cramps

Negative Ions

  • Improves metabolism

  • Strengthens autonomic nervous system

  • Improves lung volume

  • Builds stamina, endurance, strength, and strengthens the immune system

  • Oxygenates the blood, increases oxygen transport and abosrption 

Far Infrared

  • Triggering the growth and repair of new muscles cells and tissues

  • It can bring oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing

  • Helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Improves cognitive performance

  • Relieves fatigue

The Powerful Effects of Green Tourmaline

Our Green Tourmaline is mined in Brazil.

  • Helps detoxification

  • Supports fat loss

  • Reduces water retention/ improves lymphatics system

  • Improves circulation

  • Supports the liver and kidneys

  • Promotes a healthy mood

  • Helps eliminate toxic metals

  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids

  • This form of resonance absorption helps relieve stress, increase alertness, and boost the immune system.

  • Tourmaline aids in treating a variety of ailments, including neurological system, muscular, and skin issues.

Powerful magnets that work miracles

Neodymium Magnets

neodymium atomic number.jpg
  • Helps with...

    • Arthritis Pain

    • Neuropathy

    • Fibromyalgia & Stiffness

    • Gout

    • Sprains

    • Headaches and migraines

    • Muscular Pain

    • Trigger Finger

    • Microcirculation

  • Decreased Inflammation

  • Reduces inflammation of joints and tendons

  • Increases blood flow in bone healing

Great For clients with less than optimal circulation

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