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Germanium Natural Stone

  • Improves PH Balance and Blood Purification

  • Has antioxidant properties

  • Normalizes Blood Pressure

  • Relieves joint and muscle pain

  • Protects from harmful radiation

  • Regulates Positive and Negative Ions within the body

  • Promotes antimicrobial activity

  • Aids in alleviates physical stress and cramps

Negative Ions

  • Improves metabolism

  • Strengthens autonomic nervous system

  • Improves lung volume

  • Builds stamina, endurance, strength, and strengthens the immune system

  • Oxygenates the blood, increases oxygen transport and abosrption 

Far Infrared

  • Triggering the growth and repair of new muscles cells and tissues

  • It can bring oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing

  • Helps ease pain, relieve inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Improves cognitive performance

  • Relieves fatigue

The Powerful Effects of Green Tourmaline

Our Green Tourmaline is mined in Brazil.

  • Helps detoxification

  • Supports fat loss

  • Reduces water retention/ improves lymphatics system

  • Improves circulation

  • Supports the liver and kidneys

  • Promotes a healthy mood

  • Helps eliminate toxic metals

  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids

  • This form of resonance absorption helps relieve stress, increase alertness, and boost the immune system.

  • Tourmaline aids in treating a variety of ailments, including neurological system, muscular, and skin issues.

Powerful magnets that work miracles

Neodymium Magnets

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  • Helps with...