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About Us 
An overview of  how we started and who we are.


Owner, Ana Mabry, had developed her interest in health related studies starting at a young age.  After high school she attended the University of Maryland and earned a Bachelors Degree in Science laying down a solid foundation for what would eventually become her passion and life's work.


In the mid 1990's, Ana mother had begun battling an aggressive form of cancer. While receiving traditional medical treatments and therapies, Ana began searching for alternative routes to help reduce her mother's adverse health side effects, aid in her recovery, and ease her discomfort. While the doctors where trying to do everything they could from a traditional scientific standpoint, Ana started researching alternative medicines and therapies. She utilized various vitamins, tinctures, powders, and other traditional herbal medicines from other countries to find what suited her mother best. While her mother later passed on in the early 2000's, they attribute her longevity while battling her cancer to the combination of traditional and alternative forms of medications together. 

In 2006, shortly after her mother's passing, she opened A Healthy Life LLC, a business dedicated to the overall health and wellness of those in the local community. The store front opened their doors that same year and hosted a variety of products from several large brands and various local businesses with like-minded intentions and products. In the store, she hosted vitamins, work out supplements and support products, herbal remedies, natural skin care, and various styles magnetic therapy products. The products vary from samples, to large multi- month quantities. 


Some people may know what they want exactly when they come to us, and some people had certain preferences and dietary restrictions. We offer US and international harvest and manufactured products, vegan, vegetarian, concentrated liquids for swallowing difficulties, "soft on the stomach" products, and many others that we can direct you to in the event that there is a specific ingredient you can't have. And if we don't have it in store, we will select order it for you with "no pressure pick up". Already bought it while you were waiting for us? We'll have it around in case you need it again. We specialize in customer service only a small business can provide. 


 Being a small business owner, she took her research further to ensure the upmost accuracy in the information she was retaining. She began various courses, going to conferences, sitting down with the brands and learning the science and purpose behind their products. Ana teamed up with like minded doctors and nutritionists to this day to aid in providing various products to their patients alongside their regular care. 


Since starting, she created her own brand of Magnetic Therapy Jewelry that would take her dream of creating a one stop shop store of overall wellness to the next level, and from there, Natural Balance was born. A US made and manufactured product featuring comfortability and durability with a wide variety of stylish designs to meet anyone's preferences. From sparkly to casual, thin to wide, we have thought through what would meet your aesthetic preferences, as well as your life style ones too! Safe to wear in water, around chemicals, to sleep, and out and about, the Natural Balance Power Bracelet is "wearable wellness" meant to be put on and stay on to allow you to reap the benefits constantly without worry. (For more product specific and science based information check out our FAQ and Blog section.) 


While our home base in Myrtle Beach, SC is available for health and wellness products including the Magnetic Therapy Jewelry, Ana and her Team travel around the US to showcase the jewelry products and share her message. She says her goal as a business is to, "reach as many people as we can" and that she "has met and helped people from all around the US, Dubai, Africa, and various European and Latin American countries" and would like to continue doing so. She believes this is not a job, but something that she was made to follow as her life's work. If you need help with a product or need assistance with finding the next best path on your wellness journey, we try to make it so that someone is available to help you as soon as possible, if not at that very moment. 


Fostered by the love for her mother and family, and developed for the love of others, A Healthy Life LLC, Ana, and her Team are dedicated to helping you "Look Great, Feel Great, (and) Live Great". Feel free to reach out with any questions and concerns.


Thank you for choosing us. We hope you have a blessed day.


Ana Mabry and Team..

A Healthy Life LLC 

Natural Balance 


ASK Nutrition 

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We are hiring!

We have positions available in our store (if you are local) as well as per diem at our shows!

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